Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cherries Nutrition

Cherries Nutrition

Cherries are about the best tasting fruit there is. It is such a shame they have such a short growing period. Just when you get used that wonderful sweet taste, they disappear off the grocer's shelves. It is so nice to know there are ways they can be eaten year round. They are so versatile they can be frozen, dried, canned, or brandied and still keep that great and unique cherry taste.

What is so good about cherries is the fact they not only taste superb, but they are good for you in so many different ways. Study after study is showing the health benefits of cherries and cherries nutrition. All this new information is placing them a step above many other fruits that have always thought to be healthy.

Cherries have so many healthy attributes that it hard to get to all of them in one article. One nice thing is that most of the benefits from cherries nutrition will be realized no matter how you consume them, be it liquid form, dried, baked, or straight off the tree.

One example of cherries nutrition is that they are filled with antioxidants. Antioxidants have been proven to help the body get rid of toxins and have also been proven to help prevent certain types of cancers and other diseases. Many doctors recommend the use of cherries just for their antioxidant qualities.

Another health benefit of cherries is their red pigment filled with anthocyanins. These anthocyanins have been shown to decrease inflammation and pain in people with many different medical issues. People who use cherry therapy for different types of ailments such as gout have reported that cherries or cherry products has worked to ease their pain and inflammation. Many doctors have even started recommending the use of cherries for people who have chronic pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia. Many individuals who started putting cherry products such as cherry concentrate in their diets have reported that the benefits are amazing and they have seen a drastic reduction in pain and inflammation while consuming cherries.

Cherries nutrition has also been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. The cause can be from the antioxidant qualities or the red pigmentation of the fruit. Many studies have also been done that show cherries can reduce triglycerides and cholesterol. For the alternate health industry, these finding are causing cherries to be one of the most popular supplements on the market. When they are not in season, dried cherries, cherry juice and cherry concentrate are becoming evermore popular.

The final thing I am going to mention in this article is that cherries are all natural. You don't have to worry about additives or side effect often found in drugs and other related products. However, if you are under the care of a physician for a major illness, continue to follow their instructions. Use cherries nutrition as a secondary cure and defense for future problems. It can do nothing but help.

By: Robert N. Perry

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